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Greg's Photography is a photo experiment which displays cellphone photographs. Since Los Angeles and automobiles are virtually synonymous, many of the photographs were shot while driving. The photographic style is generally represeted edge to edge in the frame, narrow focus on the apparent subject of the photograph can often lead the viewer astray.


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Every photo is shot by and posted directly from a mobile device, until recently via a Sony Ericsson TM506 but now using an iPhone 5s and sometimes making use of the Schneider iPro lens kit. All display photos link to originals which print nicely, tips to achieve quality prints are linked from the image display pages. All camera effects are achieved Through The Device Lense (TTDL) as the image is shot, no Photoshop or external image manipulation.


Images are available for commercial licensing and/or purchase If you print or use an image for personal noncommercial use, why not make an easy donation via PayPal to the following email address? You may also contact there as well. Please note all contents © 1996 - 2021 ad infinitum Greg's Photography ™ and Images are not Public Domain, they are shared for personal noncommercial use under the GNU Free Documentation License Version 1.3


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